Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Did Kevin Abosch really create 10 million pieces of virtual art?
Yes. Abosch created 10 million works of art comprised of ERC-20 standard tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The token symbol is IAMA and the contract address is: 0xD1cdB25428bF06f52bfe3af777C9B1e848f08A37

Are the artworks beautiful?
Beauty is in the mind of the beholder.

So the token itself is the art?
Yes, and an authentic IAMA coin can be traced back to its creation via the contract address: 0xD1cdB25428bF06f52bfe3af777C9B1e848f08A37

Is a fraction of one IAMA Coin any less important as a work of art than one IAMA Coin?
Any fraction of an IAMA coin has the same intrinsic artistic value as one IAMA Coin.

How can I purchase IAMA Coins?
IAMA Coin virtual art will first be made available to exisiting collectors and eventually to the general public. Please check back.

Will more IAMA Coins be created in the future?
No. The total supply of IAMA Coins is 10,000,000.

Can I sell my IAMA Coins?
Yes. If you own IAMA Coin virtual artworks you may distribute them as you like and even sell them.

Can I trade IAMA Coins for Kevin Abosch's physical artworks?
In the near future the artist will make certain physical artworks available only by trade with IAMA Coins. This information will be available at the official Kevin Abosch website.

I am an artist and I would like to trade a work of art for IAMA Coins. How can I do this?
You just need a wallet that accepts ERC-20 tokens. We like

Can I send Ether or other tokens to the contract address to receive IAMA Coins?
Absolutely not!!! Any tokens sent to the contract address will be lost forever. Why would you even do that?